Perfection Boats, Inc.
922 Denton Blvd.
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547
Phone: (850) 863-3318
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The Market for catamarans is exploding.  Perfection Boats, located in the Florida panhandle, understood the needs of recreational and sportfishing vessel owners and built a catamaran that met the needs of all boat owners.

  Currently Perfection Boats produces vessels ranging from a 35’ Dayboat to a 39’ Sedan Flybridge.  A large open fishing area is unique to their boats along with the superb performance when working large fish. Spacious accommodation areas, exhaust systems that allow fumes to be undetected while running and hydraulic steering and throttle controls ensure the quality of these boats for years to come.

  The computer designed hulls and use of unsurpassed construction materials make these boats the ultimate traveling vessels in all sea conditions.  Both foam-cored hulls contain bi-axial fiberglass and isophalic tooling resins.  Metal work is the best stainless available. Catamarans, having a less wetted surface than monohulls, are fuel efficient.  The Perfection Catamaran leads the industry with a boat that burns a mere 25gph at cruise speed of 25 knots.

Charter boat Captains, divers, sport and recreational boat owners have switched to catamarans in the past few years. They have found our boats to be the finest cats on the market.  It only takes a ride to show why “The Name Says It All”.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide consumers worldwide with customized catamarans in the 32' and above category. The quality vessels we manufacture will provide boat owners with the ultimate riding vessel for all types of sea conditions. Research will be ongoing to identify customers wants and meet the needs of individual owners. The owners of Perfection Boats, Inc., will ascertain the individualization of each vessel and insure that all standards are met. Perfection Catamarans will manufacture superior performance and sea-keeping vessels. Our vessels will be fuel efficient, low maintenace, provide a high safety margin and an excellent ride.
Whether you are looking for a 36, 38, or 46 the Perfection Boats Express Series has everything you need.
Perfection Boats Center Console series is considered to be top of it's class.
If Rolex made a boat it would be a Perfection Boats Sedan Flybridge.