Planing craft hydrodynamic technology is based primarily upon experimental data obtained from tests of prismatic planing surfaces and results of hull series tests. This technology has been synthesized into simplified empirical equations which are easily used in design.

The lift on the planing surface is attributed to two separate effects.  One is the positive dynamic reaction of the fluid against the moving bottom, and the second is the so called buoyant contribution which is associated with the static pressures corresponding to the given draft and trim.  At very low speeds, the buoyant lift predominates, whilst at high speed, the dynamic contribution predominates.

The symmetric hulled catamaran, as developed in Australia, specifically for operation in breaking surf and rough water conditions, introduces yet another equation into the hydrodynamic calculation, that being the dynamic interaction within the closed tunnel, between the hull surface, and the encapsulated airtfluid.

Obviously, if a hydrodynamic lift can be generated that exceeds the hydrodynamic drag created by the additional wetted surface, the resultant additional lift will improve the drag/lift ratio for given trim angles, enhancing the planing speed for given power ratios.

Perfection Boats is an American corporation, dedicated to the further extrapolation and development of the designs generated in Australia, which is predominant in the technology at this time.

We have gathered performance data, both analytic and physical from all major manufacturers of such boats in Australia, together with model tank test results, and full scale data collected within the United States.  The enclosed computer enhancement was developed for us by one of the leading laboratories in the field in the United States, Design Systems of Annapolis.

As a result of the cross-pollination of the smooth water design and the known operating parameters of sea stand wind strength, we have designed a planing hull sea keeping technology, with balanced relations between hull form, loading, speed/length ratio, sea state, and the expected added resistance, motions, and most importantly, wave impact accelerations. The results of this development are shown graphically in the computer generated hull form analysis, color photographs

which are included in this material.

Our catamarans are of the very latest design and are predictably superior in overall performance and sea-keeping than any existing catamaran in operation in your geographic area.

The new generation of catamarans are constructed with the highest quality components resulting in lighter weight, stronger vessels.

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